Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"SCAT doesn't work in __________."

Over the years, I've often been told that "SCAT doesn't work in __________." First I was told that SCAT doesn't work in the Gulf of Mexico. Then I was told that it doesn't work in the Gulf of Suez. Most recently I was told that SCAT doesn't work in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. I've even been told that SCAT doesn't work in any extensional setting, period!

Fortunately, not everyone has taken this point of view. Instead, some Geodes users and some of our consulting clients have have been willing to give Geodes and SCAT a try in the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Suez, the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, etc. As a result, they've now proven that Geodes and SCAT work just fine in these basins and in every other basin for which people have made the claim that SCAT doesn't work.

To anyone who is tempted to say, "SCAT doesn't work in __________", I'd urge you to just give it a try! After all, what do you have to lose?

IMHO, If the strata you are dealing with are planar or curved, the jury's in: Geodes and SCAT will work just fine.

Of course, if the strata you are dealing with are neither planar nor curved, the jury might still be out. :-) :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome to Plog Blog!


Welcome to Plog Blog, a diplog weblog!

I'll be making comments, observations, and suggestions on dip logs, image logs, and the geological analysis and interpretation thereof. From time to time I'll stray from these central topics and make observations on more general topics.

Meantime, I hope you'll visit www.CGeology.com, the website of Computational Geology, Inc. If you ever forget CGeology.com, you can get there via www.dipmeter.com.



Tad Pole
Chief Blogging Officer, Computational Geology, Inc.