Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Geodes 3.00 (production) begins shipping

The production release of Geodes 3.00 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on X86 began shipping on May 17.

Geodes 3.00 for RHEL/X86 is available at no extra charge to all customers who (1) wish to replace their Solaris/Sparc versions of Geodes with Geodes 3.00 for RHEL/X86 and (2) are current with respect to payment of Maintenance Service Charges.

Geodes 3.00 for RHEL/X86 is a port of Geodes 2.x for Solaris/Sparc to the RHEL/X86 platform.

Geodes 3.00 for RHEL/X86 reads binary data and journal files created on Solaris/Sparc as well as those created on RHEL/X86. In short, Geodes 3.00 for RHEL/X86 is compatible with old projects created with Solaris/Sparc versions of Geodes as well as new projects created with the RHEL/X86 version.

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